Hurricane !

2006 - Northwestern Pacific Ocean basin

Typhoon Nr.13 - Shanshan (Luis)
Category 4 typhoon

after the storm <> a single weed covered by dew

après la tempête <> une unique mauvaise herbe couverte de rosée

another typhoon, heading my way.

Gabi Greve
Japan - 2006-09-01 - Shansha ?

typhoon break - the long whipping tail of an unknown bird

pause dans les typhons - la longue queue fouettante d'un oiseau inconnu

We have been waiting for this typhoon Nr. 13 for a few days now, it moved soooo slow, hovering about Kyushu, but finally, it is here close to our area and will help us spend a sleepless night ...

Gabi Greve

after the storm -- the tiny frog back on his watch

après la tempête -- le minuscule grenouille de retour à son poste

Gabi Greve

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trad. fr. Serge Tomé