Hurricane !

2011 - Northern Atlantic Ocean basin

Hurricane Irene
Category 3 hurricane

shopping for the hurricane--- Yahrzeit Memorial Candles are on sale

achat d'avant ouragan --- les bougies du Memorial Yahrzeit en vente

fog at sunrise--- the overture to hurricane Irene

brouillard au couchant --- l'ouverture de l'ouragan Irene

sunset blue and red clouds draw a map of a costal line--- Irene nears

coucher de soleil les nuages bleus et rouges dessinent une carte de la ligne de côtes--- Irene approche

Fred Masarani
NYC, USA - 2011-08-26

New York screeches to a stop--- the dead quiet before a hurricane

New-York s'arrête dans un crissement de pneus le silence de mort avant un ouragan

Fred Masarani
NYC, USA - 2011-08-27

Hurricane Irene in the semi-darkness a cold breakfast

Ouragan Irene dans une semi-obscurité un petit déjeuner froid

heavy time slowly ticking the minutes Hurricane Irene

temps lourd les minutes passent lentement Ouragan Irene

Adelaide Shaw

a hurricane--- the flies think my kitchen is a storm shelter

un ouragan --- la mouche pense que ma cuisine est un abri de tempête

Fred Masarani
NYC, USA - 2011-08-28

after the hurricane--- the skyline lights burn bright

après l'ouragan --- les lumières de la ligne d'horizon intenses

Fred Masarani
NYC, USA - 2011-08-31

Hurricane Irene hit land on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and what was left of it (after much destruction and many deaths) actually made its way to the Maritimes in Canada (where I was) - we got some heavy downpours (I was right on the Bay of Fundy, an inlet called Courtenay Bay) but mostly we just had a day of wild, wild wind.... with damaging in gusts, and many trees were knocked down... in the centre of the town, at King's Square, an old, longstanding one was ripped up at ground level. Still, we were lucky. Other places in the province had a lot of flooding.

spent hurricane still wild enough to uproot ancient trees

l'ouragan est passé encore assez de vent pour déraciner les vieux arbres

Dina E. Cox
Unionville, Ontario, Canada - 2011-09-02

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trad. fr. Serge Tomé